I’m back!!

Hello blog friends, 

I apologize immensely for the absence. I have been so incredibly busy that I haven’t even opened my computer in about 2 weeks. Also, since I moved out of my dorm, I haven’t been updating my daily motivation board. (Which, by the way, I really miss doing.) So, I finally got settled in back at home and am feeling like I can begin my summer. Today is my first real lazy day at my house. The rest have been full of work, unpacking, seeing friends, and getting licensed to teach Zumba! 

After finals, I went camping with my friend Abby and we had a blast just hanging out in a tent and toasting marshmallows for three days. After that, I went to my brother’s college graduation and watched him and all of his wonderful friends in their final hurrah. Next, I went and stayed with my roommate for a few days before finally coming home on Thursday. Right away when I got home, I had a counselor training for Camp Yes! in the Woods. It was so fun and everyone was so nice. We had a very successful first week of camp and I am completely looking forward to our second week. Also, I’m very excited to start my job at Step In Autism. I will give you guys an update of how my first day goes! 

Yesterday, I was in Anchorage getting licensed to teach Zumba! It was so much fun and so inspiring. I cannot wait to start teaching at school and hopefully a little bit this summer. I am looking for an opportunity to teach once a week or so. Fingers crossed that something works out. 

Anyways, I’ll be posting a video here soon, so go watch that for more details!! 

I promise I will keep up with my blog from here on out.

Love you all!